A Complete Checklist For Filing Your Taxes

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How should you do your taxes this year? Is it worth it to hire someone to do them for you? Or do you want to try filling them yourself? Should you send them in by mail, or do you submit them online? Before you begin, what forms and information should you have on hand? The answers are different for each individual. However, some basic knowledge can prepare you to make the right decisions, get your taxes done, and move on with your life.

So as experts in filing taxes, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you complete your taxes with as little stress as possible. Follow this checklist to help you file your tax returns accurately and on time so you can get back to the other essential things in life.

A. Slips

1. T4 slips (Employment income)

2. Employment insurance benefits (T4E)

3. Interest, dividends, mutual funds (T3, T5, T5008)

4. Tuition and education receipts (T2202A)

5. Old Age Security and CPP benefits (T4A-OAS, T4AP)

6. Other pensions and annuities (T4A)

7. Social assistance payments (T5007)

8. Workers’ compensation benefits (T5007)

9. All other information slips

B. Receipts

1. RRSP contribution receipts

2. Support for a child, spouse, or common-law partner

3. Professional or union dues

4. Tool expenses (Tradespersons & apprentice mechanics)

5. Other employment expenses

6. Teacher’s school supplies

7. Medical expenses

8. Home renovations (seniors and disabled)

9. Charitable donations

10. Political contributions

11. Child care expenses

12 Adoption expenses

13. Moving expenses

14. Interest paid on student loans

15. Carrying charges and interest expenses

16. Office and in-home expenses

17. Exams for professional certification

C. Other documentation

1. Notice of Assessment/Reassessment

2. Canada Revenue Agency correspondence

3. Sale of principal residence

4. Sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds, or real estate

5. Northern residents deductions receipts

6. Rental income and expense receipts

7. Business, farm, or fishing income/expenses

8. Automobile and Travel logbook and expenses

9. Disability Tax Credit Certificate

10. Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200)

11. Volunteer Firefighters certification

12. Search and Rescue volunteers certification

13. Written certification for eligible educator school supplies

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